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Rddad Contracting Company (RCC) has been established since 2011, licenced by Jordanian Ministry of Public Work & Housing (MPWH), Jordanian Construction Contractors Association (JCCA), Jordan Engineers Association (JEA) and all other Local Government Authorities.



With long experience in construction projects Since 2011 Rdad contracting company has been involved in execution construction projects and representing a variety of multinational firms doing business in the form of equipment supply, construction and execution of turn-key projects and consultancy services in different fields of development in this area.
With years of experience in the Jordanian market, we’ve grown to become one of the leading suppliers for industrial plant equipment, engineering consumables and spare parts while working with international contractors and consultants on case by case for performing projects in public works, Oil & Gas, Power sectors, fertilizers and petrochemical industries and services such as supplying equipment’s & spare parts repair & maintenance manpower.


As part of our continuous improvement we are continually diversifying our supply range for our clients and welcoming new partnerships for Jordan Market, if you are interested in becoming our partner or would like to discuss what benefits it could bring to your company, please contact us.

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Why Orient ?

When we, at Orient , wanted to excel in providing our services, we used our extended experiences in securing medical personnel and focused on honesty and the desire for permanent and renewable  partnership with our customers. We held upon us the responsibility to secure human resources and highly qualified and distinguished manpower that every institution and company seeks in order to achieve its goals. At this moment, our purpose is to start working towards our goals with a steady pace that drives us, with honesty and strength as our motivation, to cross with you the bridge towards fruitful partnership.